Belief (Glaube)
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Modalizations of simple certainty of belief into conjecture, probability, and the like are modifications of an original simple believing consciousness, which is the medium in which all existents as objects of experience are at first simple pregiven for us--as long as the further cause of experience does not prevued occasion for doubt or modalization of any kind ( : p. 29)

We can also say that the actual world always precedes cognitive activity as its universal ground, and this means first of all a ground of universal passive belief in being which is presupposed by every particular cognitive operation. Everything which, as an existing object, is a goal of cognition is an existent on the ground of the world, which is taken as existing as a matter of course ( : p. 30)

All experience in this concrete sense rests at bottom on the simple pregiving protodoxa of ultimate, simply apprehensible substrates. The natural bodies pregiven in the doxa are the ultimate substrates for all subsequent determinations, cognitive determinations as well as those which are axiological or practical. All come into being from these simple apprehensible substrates ( : p. 59)

By virtue of the accord in which the perceptive appearances flow off in original presentation, retention, and protention, an accord of continuous self-affirmation, belief is continuous certainty of belief, which has its certainty in this originality of the object in its living being-present ( : p. 82)

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