Husserl Links

Husserl database in Japan   The site which inspired this one (and provided the search data).
The Husserl Page   The definitive set of links, a chronology of Husserl's life and works, and other helpful resources.
CARP   The Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology. International registry of phenomenologists, bi-weekly newsletter of phenomenology, and a great photo-album.
Husserl Groups at Yahoo   The long-running Husserl has moved here. Partial archives are available.
Husserl archives in Leuven.   Who are to thank for the steady stream of carefully edited primary text that have issued forth for the last 50 years.
Stanford Encyclopedia Entries on Husserl and Phenomenology.   Comprehensive overviews of phenomenology in general and Husserlian phenomenology in particular.
Glossary-Guide for Translating Husserl   The best source on translation issues (from Husserl's technical vocabulary to English, French, and Spanish).