Mission and History

The goal of Husserl.net is to make Husserl's thought more accessible by providing free resources and scholarly tools. These tools include: a searchable database of keywords, a database of Husserl's writings and Husserl scholarship, and a concept-database. All these features interconnect. For example, you can link from a keyword search which yields hits for "Logical Investigations" to that book page, information on the year it was published, etc. Or you can read about the concept of time in Husserl, and from there link to books and articles which discuss this concept.

This site was originally created in the early aughts when I was a postdoc at UCSD.   I originally wanted to create a site that would dynamically grow in response to user input, and had plans to add other features.   In 2008 there was a server crash where I lost much of the data for the site, which stalled my work.    Since then, other tools have emerged that make it possible to search Husserl's work dynamically, for example Google books.  Also, it appears that there are efforts to digitize Husserl's work underway at the Husserl archives in Leuven.   According to Thomas Vongehr in his excellent essay in History of the Husserl-Archives:

In the foreseeable future, an electronically searchable version of the published Nachlass texts will become an important research tool, used to orient oneself within the extensive Husserliana series.  Such an electronic resource would effectively replace a printed index ot the Husserliana, which is a project that the Husserl Archives have often considered. It is already possible to search the index of Husserl's manuscript titles online on the Archive's website.

For these and other reasons I was going to take the site down.   However, I still find some of these tools useful, and so I've left the site up (with some of the original features disabled).  I'm not sure where things will go in the future.  I'm always open to collaboration...

When I decided not to take the site down, I did (in 2013) correct a few errors in the search function and elsewhere, with the help of Lam Nguyen.


Designed and created by Jeff Yoshimi. Initial implementation by Ioan Muntean (php, sql, html).  Additional work by Kyle Baron.  Icons designed by David Fleischmann. Graphics suggestions provided by Pippin Schupbach, Patrick Reagh, Elizabeth Reagh, and my parents (Toshi and Kathy Yoshimi). Web hosting and technical support provided by Matthew Lloyd.  Denice Sawatzky has been a great help with interlibrary loan (I can't afford Husserliana!)  Special thanks to Mason Withers, Elle Reagh, Shinji Hamazu, and the Japanese Husserl Database team.  In 2013 Lam Nguyen helped with revisions and validations of the search feature.


Comments, corrections, and source material of any kind (including pictures) to jeffyoshimi-at-yahoo.com.