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# DateWordShort title Volume Occurrences
11886-1901noematisch* Studies in Arithmetic and Geometry (Editor's Preface)211
21898-1925noema Imagination, Image-consciousness, Memory (Main Text)239
31898-1925noematisch* Imagination, Image-consciousness, Memory (Main Text)231
41898-1925noematisch* Imagination, Image-consciousness, Memory (Editor's Preface)231
51898-1925noema Imagination, Image-consciousness, Memory (Footnotes)231
61900-1913noematisch* Logical Investigations (Prolegomena) (Main Text)182
71901-1921noema Logical Investigations (I-VI) (Editor's Preface)195
81901-1921noematisch* Logical Investigations (I-VI) (Editor's Preface)195
91901-1921noema Logical Investigations (I-VI) (Footnotes)191
101905-1920noema Intersubjectivity 1 (Main Text)137
111905-1920noematisch* Intersubjectivity 1 (Main Text)1319
121905-1920noema Intersubjectivity 1 (Footnotes)131
131905-1920noematisch* Intersubjectivity 1 (Footnotes)135
141911-1921noema Essays and Lectures 1 (Main Text)2514
151911-1921noematisch* Essays and Lectures 1 (Main Text)2544
161911-1921noematisch* Essays and Lectures 1 (Footnotes)251
171912-1928noema Ideas 2 (Main Text)45
181912-1928noematisch* Ideas 2 (Main Text)420
191912-1928noema Ideas 2 (Editor's Preface)45
201912-1928noematisch* Ideas 2 (Editor's Preface)41
211913noema Ideas 1 (All original editions) (Main Text)3-1113
221913noematisch* Ideas 1 (All original editions) (Main Text)3-1227
231913noema Ideas 1 (All original editions) (Editor's Preface)3-15
241913noematisch* Ideas 1 (All original editions) (Editor's Preface)3-11
251913noematisch* Ideas 1 (All original editions) (Footnotes)3-13
261913-1924noema Ideas 3 (Main Text)527
271913-1924noematisch* Ideas 3 (Main Text)521
281913-1924noema Ideas 3 (Footnotes)51
291913-1924noematisch* Ideas 3 (Footnotes)52
301918-1926noema Analyses of Passive Synthesis (Main Text)1117
311918-1926noematisch* Analyses of Passive Synthesis (Main Text)1168
321918-1926noematisch* Analyses of Passive Synthesis (Footnotes)111
331921-1928noema Intersubjectivity 2 (Main Text)141
341921-1928noematisch* Intersubjectivity 2 (Main Text)149
351922-1937noema Essays and Lectures 2 (Main Text)271
361922-1937noematisch* Essays and Lectures 2 (Main Text)274
371922-1937noematisch* Essays and Lectures 2 (Editor's Preface)271
381923-1924noematisch* First Philosophy 2: Phenomenological Reductions (Main Text)812
391923-1924noema First Philosophy 2: Phenomenological Reductions (Footnotes)82
401923-1924noematisch* First Philosophy 2: Phenomenological Reductions (Footnotes)81
411925noema First Philosophy 1: Critical History of Ideas (Main Text)71
421925noematisch* First Philosophy 1: Critical History of Ideas (Main Text)77
431929noema Cartesian meditations / Paris lectures (Main Text)12
441929noematisch* Cartesian meditations / Paris lectures (Main Text)113
451929-1935noema Intersubjectivity 3 (Main Text)151
461929-1935noematisch* Intersubjectivity 3 (Main Text)158
471929-1935noematisch* Intersubjectivity 3 (Footnotes)151
481934-1937noematisch* Crisis of European Science (Texts from the estate) (Main Text)291