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# DateWordShort title Volume Occurrences
11886-1901noetisch* Studies in Arithmetic and Geometry (Editor's Preface)211
21890-1910noetisch* Essays and Reviews 1 (Main Text)221
31893-1917noetisch* Lectures on Time Consciousness (Editor's Preface)101
41898-1925noetisch* Imagination, Image-consciousness, Memory (Main Text)232
51898-1925noetisch* Imagination, Image-consciousness, Memory (Editor's Preface)233
61898-1925noetisch* Imagination, Image-consciousness, Memory (Footnotes)231
71900-1913noetisch* Logical Investigations (Prolegomena) (Main Text)1811
81900-1913noetisch* Logical Investigations (Prolegomena) (Editor's Preface)182
91900-1913noetisch* Logical Investigations (Prolegomena) (Footnotes)182
101901-1921noetisch* Logical Investigations (I-VI) (Main Text)195
111901-1921noetisch* Logical Investigations (I-VI) (Editor's Preface)194
121905-1920noetisch* Intersubjectivity 1 (Main Text)1312
131905-1920noetisch* Intersubjectivity 1 (Footnotes)139
141911-1921noetisch* Essays and Lectures 1 (Main Text)2518
151912-1928noetisch* Ideas 2 (Main Text)419
161912-1928noetisch* Ideas 2 (Editor's Preface)41
171913noetisch* Ideas 1 (All original editions) (Main Text)3-1147
181913noetisch* Ideas 1 (All original editions) (Editor's Preface)3-11
191913noetisch* Ideas 1 (All original editions) (Footnotes)3-12
201913-1924noetisch* Ideas 3 (Main Text)53
211918-1926noetisch* Analyses of Passive Synthesis (Main Text)1125
221921-1928noetisch* Intersubjectivity 2 (Main Text)147
231922-1937noetisch* Essays and Lectures 2 (Main Text)275
241922-1937noetisch* Essays and Lectures 2 (Editor's Preface)271
251923-1924noetisch* The Crisis of European Philosophy (Main Text)61
261923-1924noetisch* First Philosophy 2: Phenomenological Reductions (Main Text)815
271925noetisch* First Philosophy 1: Critical History of Ideas (Main Text)74
281929noetisch* Cartesian meditations / Paris lectures (Main Text)115
291929-1935noetisch* Intersubjectivity 3 (Main Text)157